Sample Raft

This was interesting. We were asked to build a raft for the Environmental Research Department of the University of Denmark. It was to be used for sampling the gases emitted from various waste water treatment plants for a period of four years.

The build was quite involved as the dimensions, weight and specifications were very precise, and various parts had to be removable but remain very sturdy.


Dive Utility Rings

This was a very interesting project for Neptunus Hav & Land AB, who supply military grade equipment  to various organisations throughout the world. We are not allowed to disclose their purpose or destination, but we do have permission to show a picture. These were fully kitted out with an enormous amount of ring patches, reflective material and equipment restraints.


Drinks Fender

This was a fun project! The design brief was to create a working fender that contained wine to be presented as a gift to the Scandinavian Technical Colleges nation hosting the end of year presentations, in this case Norway. Tradition dictates that the gift should encompass alcohol and boating, so we thought that this was really quite fitting. Constructed of our high density foam it had an empty core with a bag containing the wine and a tap for distribution on the outside skin. I understand that it was very much appreciated and remains in the Norwegian College.


Gas Storage Bag

Here is a 2000 litre box shaped bag designed for containing Helium. It is filled and emptied several times each minute, which is impressive considering it’s capacity. It is over 2m long and stands nearly 1m high.


Strandbryggan Fenders

These were part of a commission to build a protective fender system for a popular floating restaurant in Stockholm. The main fenders were quite large and designed to hold boats away from the restaurant tables without damaging the boat or jetty. These ones pictured were a much slimmer version where space was very limited but they still needed to provide a high degree of protection. The Strandbryggan logo was laser cut into the material.