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RIB Repairs

With over twenty years of experience in manufacturing and repairing RIB tubes we are able to fix almost any damage to the tubes. We have fixed prices for many of the most common problems that can occur, so you can be sure there will be no nasty surprises. We advise checking the tubes over every time you take the boat up from the water, especially the underside as this is where the most expensive damage can start. It is much better to speak with us and get preventative treatment before the problem becomes acute. Any pictures that you can send to us helps with the assessment of costs.


RIB Re-Tubing

Good Hypalon tubes generally can be expected to last around 15-20 years, PU tubes around 10-15 years and PVC around 6-10 years. Eventually all tubes will need to be replaced, especially if they have been left unprotected against UV radiation. We have built up an impressive range of templates for many of the primary RIB manufacturers including Rib Unlimited, Valiant, Zodiac, Prestige, Tornado, Scorpi0n, Dahl and Artic Blue, amongst others and are adding to this database constantly. We are able to build new tubes directly from the old, from drawings or from measurements. Replacing the tubes is an extremely cost effective method of renewing the life of the boat, and it can be made precisely to your requirements.


Amazing Cleaning Service

Due to our long experience with all RIB materials we are able to offer the very best cleaning service for the RIB tubes. If you are thinking of selling, you should contact us before you take the pictures – a super clean set of tubes will take years from the boat. We have solutions for removing years of dirt and grime, even mould can be dealt with, where small black growths really show up on light coloured tubes. Our cleaning service includes several layers of UV protection which seals the material, helping to keep it cleaner for longer.


Fantastic Colours & Textures

All of our RIB tubes are made with the very highest quality Hypalon. This is available in over 35 different colours and textures – even pink! Our most popular stock range is currently Anthracite Grey Fabric Impression, Carbon Black, Fabric Impression Black and Military Grey. All of the colours listed on our materials page are available, but please be aware that they may be a special order and could possibly require extra lead time. It usually takes around two weeks to complete a re-tubing, and can be particularly busy during the winter months, so be sure to contact us today to book a space.