Fits Between Mooring Arms

Our Universal Jetty Fender has been carefully designed to sit on the jetty between the mooring arms. This protects the bow from damage even when pushed forward onto the jetty by wind or a following sea, so you no longer need to rush forward as you dock. Coupled with our unique fitting design it will also fit onto most mooring arms directly, saving you expensive side scratches.


Flexible Fitting Combinations

Our Universal Jetty Fender was designed to prevent damage caused by the boat hitting the jetty. Quite often the small inflatable fenders commonly used for docking become deflated or lift up above the jetty, allowing the boat to make contact. We designed these especially to prevent impact from above and from the side simultaneously when mounted along the top edge of a jetty. Although elegant and small in profile they are extremely strong and have been survived being compressed with eight tons over a small 10cm area – equivalent to eighty tons per metre. This super strong core has been covered with the very highest quality Hypalon and is available in some fantastic textures and colours. These fenders can be mounted in a multitude of combinations – vertically on a flat surface, vertically on a corner, horizontally on an edge or horizontally on a flat surface. It can even cope with overhangs, as shown in the picture. With an EPDM core and Hypalon skin, these are for sure going to outlive your jetty.


Fantastic Colours & Textures

Our Universal Jetty Fender is covered with the very highest quality Hypalon. This is available in over 35 different colours and textures – even pink! However our stock range is currently limited to Carbon Military Grey, Carbon Neptune Grey, Carbon Black, Carbon Off-white and Etna Red. All of the colours listed on our materials page are available, but please be aware that they will be a special order and will require extra lead time. In other words, we will make it especially for you.